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A message from Dr Leo

Dear Friends,

This morning, following an ancient custom, I walked around my snow-covered beeyard and whispered into each hive’s entrance: “Fedor died.”

Looking at some bees frozen in the snow and hearing the steady hum of their colonies, I marveled at the great miracle of the continuance of life even as each living being eventually fades away.

My son Yarosvet beautifully expressed it when he said: “Daddy, when you die you won’t be able to care for your bees – but this is OK, because I’ll care for them in your place.” I swallowed the tears and answered: “Thank you, Yarosvet! I really appreciate that.”

Fedor was a rare man who devoted his whole self trying to make the world a better place full of flowers, healthy bees, and children’s laughter. A world without war where happy families live close to the land in harmony with Nature. That was his vision of the future. Perhaps he was striving too hard, and taking too close to his heart today’s perils of bees and mankind.

But we are here to carry on. What can we do to help?

You can adopt natural beekeeping principles for your bees. More healthy bees means more flowers, more beauty, and more pure honey.

You can plant wildflowers and especially nectar-producing trees. Fedor wrote in Keeping Bees With a Smile: “The magnificent linden trees stand to this very day as a living reminder of the good people who planted them so long ago. What else could serve as such a beautiful memory of a human being?”

To celebrate Fedor’s life work, we are temporarily lowering the price for Keeping Bees With a Smile to only $20 per copy (that’s $15 off the regular price):

Consider buying one or more copies to share with others. This helps promote Natural Beekeeping and also supports Fedor’s wife Lena and their children: Michael (that’s him on the cover of the book) and the little Afonya.

You can also support Fedor’s family by making a donation. All money is transferred to Lena along with the names of those who contributed.

When Fedor was here in the Ozarks four months ago for his seminar, he liked to walk a forest trail. Today, it is all covered in snow and would freeze any bee that chances out of the hive in this weather. But this snow will soon melt to nourish the flowers and become the first nectar of the spring.

In gratitude,


Dr. Leo Sharashkin
Beekeeper and Editor, Keeping Bees With a Smile

February 17, 2015